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Passport offers financial connectivity through our cloud-based platform, enabling the use of intuitive APIs to realize your vision.

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Create a beautiful experience and let simplify the complex financial services integration of cash management.

Card Issuance

Programmatically issue Cards for expense management, funds distribution and other scenarios.  

Embedded Finance

Integrate money movement within an existing digital service to compliment the Customer experience.

Expense Management

Automate account payables and push notifications for deposits for innovative SMB banking services.


Control Payments between Buyers and Sellers and monetize services for both sides within the marketplace.

Financial Education

Educate Customers by gamifying their personal financial management and encourage responsible spending.

Automating Payments

Leverage the REST APIs to automate money movement and provide methods to programmatically control money.


Distribute Loans immediately to Accounts and offer a variety of distribution and repayment methods.


Manage custody of Customer funds to simplify the investment flow process and deliver a great Customer experience.


Facilitate Payments between parties using a variety of offline and online money movement capabilities.


Create closed loop and open loop Cards that can be branded to enhance the experience of your loyal Customer base.

On Demand Delivery

White label financial services for the various components of the supply chain to offer a holistic financial experience.


Crea una experiencia única, simplificamos la integración de servicios de tesorería, pagos y cash management.

Emisión de Tarjetas

Emite tarjetas virtuales o físicas y procesa pagos en tiempo real, personaliza tu programa de tarjetas.

Finanzas Embedidas

Personaliza experiencias transaccionales innovadoras en banca y pagos con finanzas embedidas.

Administracion Financiera

Automatiza pagos y notificaciones de depósitos para servicios bancarios innovadores en PYMEs.


Controla pagos entre compradores y vendedores. Monetiza servicios ambos usuarios del marketplace.

Educación Financiera

Gamifica y enseña gestión financiera responsable a clientes. ¡Fomenta el gasto responsable!

Métodos de Pago

Automatiza y programa múltiples métodos de pago con nuestras APIs REST.


Distribuye préstamos de inmediato a Cuentas, ofreciendo diversos métodos de distribución y pagos.


Administra fondos del Cliente, simplifica flujo inversión y brinda experiencia cliente excepcional.

Comercio Electrónico

Facilite los pagos entre usuarios utilizando una variedad de métodos de pago de payins y payouts.


Personaliza programas close loop y open loop de tarjetas para mejorar la experiencia de tus clientes.

On-demand Delivery

Gestione en tiempo real en el Panel de Administración: productos, usuarios,  accesos, facturación y más.

User-friendly and intuitive interface

Our Admin Dashboard provides real time view of the created Resources, Team Management, Access Control, Billing and more.

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Know Your Business (KYB)

Passport provides the capability to complete the mandatory background checks on Businesses prior to providing financial services.

Flexible information requirements and processes can be agreed with Bank partners to find a balance between safety and experience.

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Open Accounts

For onboarded Customers, spend limit and no maximum balance Accounts can be opened at our network of Bank Partners.

These Accounts are held at a fully licensed Bank with unique Account Numbers and insured by FOGAFIN.

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Issue Cards

With an Account created, the Developer can use the Passport Platform to issue both Virtual and Physical Cards.

These branded Cards are customizable on materials, features, and capabilities.

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Know Your Customer (KYC)

Passport provides the capability to complete the mandatory background checks on Individuals prior to providing financial services.

Flexible information requirements and processes can be agreed with Bank partners to find a balance between safety and experience.

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Manage Recipients

Developers leverage REST APIs to create and manage Recipients that allow the Customer to send money across the banking network.

Store details to conveniently track and manage Payments within the Bank, within the Country and internationally.

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Initiate Payments

Various Payment types are supported for enabling a comprehensive Account to Account transfer experience.

We build the integrations to offer Developers the widest options of moving funds to suit the desired money flows.

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Transparent Billing

Developers view real time fees via the Passport Dashboard. Each activity is reported as it happens against the transparent Fee Schedule.

Each fee is tracked against each entry that is linked via the Dashboard.

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Strong Authentication

Passport employs best in class security to protect the financial data within the ecosystem.

Developers leverage JWT access tokens to secure connectivity to Passport to ensure data cannot be intercepted.

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View Transactions

Passport provides a secure interface to the Core Banking System to retrieve the Transactions on an Account.

Developers can filter and search the Transactions to build powerful Customer experiences within their digital applications.

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APIs designed for Developers

Leave the task of delivering top-notch financial infrastructure to us, allowing you to concentrate on creating a unique user experience.

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